The Vibe of Mark

Almost everything that happens in Mark also happens in Matthew. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there was copying in the classroom but it would take a very liberal minded teacher to ignore the coincidence. In fact the vibe is as follows – Mark was the first writer to get the story of Jesus down on paper and Matthew’s Gospel is an embellished version of Mark’s. Mark knew many of the people connected to Jesus so his vibe is helped by eyewitness accounts and Mark is keen to portray Jesus as realistically as he can. From his baptism to his resurrection, Jesus is seen as a worker of miracles; a man who gets things done and who is, above all, the Son of God. Mark’s Gospel has a pacy, no nonsense vibe that sets down the basic facts of Jesus and his teaching and leaves us to make up our own minds. An easy, factual, frill-free, journalistic vibe.

General vibe of Mark: Jesus, fast.
Factvibe: Mark was Peter’s assistant which explains how he knows so many vibes about Jesus without having been one of the Disciples.
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