The Vibe of Mary Magdalene

If anyone has been unfairly treated by the brush of history, it’s Mary Magdalene. Many have suggested that she was the romantic interest in the life of Jesus but there’s no proof, only gossip. She is healed by Jesus and goes on to follow him to death and beyond. She’s there when he is executed and buried and is the first of his followers to see him once he has come back from the dead. Mary Magdalene is not the sensuous Mary who pours perfume over Jesus’ feet then dries them with her hair; that is a completely different fox. Mary Magdalene is simply a woman who understands who Jesus is and her vibe is only unusual in that she seems to have equality with the men who follow Jesus. Hers is a strong, unwavering, loving, caring, womanly vibe, overshadowed by unfounded vibes of tittle tattle and chitchat.

General vibe of Mary Magdalene: Jesus is for girls too.

Factvibe: Despite no mention of it in the Bible, Mary Magdalene is frequently portrayed as a repentant prostitute.
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