The Vibe of Matthew

Matthew has the most Jewish vibe of all the Gospels. Jesus was Jewish and Matthew is a Jew writing for a Jewish audience. His Gospel is a bridge between the vibes promised by the Old Testament and the ‘da-naa’ moment that has come with the birth of Jesus. Matthew recounts the life of his leader and teacher and he goes down hard on the ruling Jewish cartel who condemned Jesus to death - they didn’t recognise Jesus as the Messiah and Matthew’s Gospel exists so that his readers don’t make the same mistake. The Gospel is filled with quotes from the Old Testament – the vibe is clear – Matthew’s readers know this stuff, Jesus is the promised one, the one who will save the day; the one who all the Prophets have written about. It just hasn’t sunk in yet. With his simple, patient, explanatory vibe, Matthew is holding the Jews' hands as they follow him into the new type of Judaism we now know as Christianity.

General vibe of Matthew: Jesus was Jewish.

Factvibe: Matthew was the only one of the twelve Disciples who clearly had a white collar vibe – he was a tax collector.
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