The Vibe of Micah

Micah has bad vibes for the two cities of Samaria and Jerusalem. They have been exploiting the poor, conducting business in a shady, underhand way and pretending to be religious when they are not. It’s an angry vibe and disaster is coming their way as payback for all the bad things they have done to good people. However, doom gives way to hope (for Jerusalem at least) - good times will come but only after Israel has been laid waste and the people carried away by their enemies. Micah’s credibility shoots up when he predicts that a deliverer will come out of Bethlehem - Jesus is born in the town 800 years later. However, that is far away in the future and all Micah can do is watch as corruption, cheating and violence stifles Israel. In the end, Micah’s predictions are on the money for Samaria and Jerusalem: Samaria falls to the Assyrians in 722BC and in 587BC, Jerusalem is laid waste by the Babylonians. However, the vibe isn’t all bleak; Micah looks forward with positive vibes to a time when God will once again keep an orderly house and shepherd his people to safety.

General vibe of Micah: God always has the last word.
Factvibe: Despite laying down vibes worthy of inclusion in the Bible, Micah never left his village in Judah.
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