The Vibe of Moses

When the number of Israelite slaves in Egypt is getting so out of control that Pharaoh orders the killing of all two year old Jewish boys, Moses’ family hide him in a basket and float it off down the River Nile. One of Pharaoh’s daughters finds the bub and he grows up living the dream in the royal palace. The dream ends when he kills an Egyptian for bashing an Israelite and, faced with inevitable execution if he sticks around, he flees his life of luxury and lives rough in the desert. The good vibes start up again when God speaks to Moses from the middle of a burning bush, telling him to lead the Jews out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. Moses does his best to negotiate the Jews’ release with Pharaoh but it’s all in vain as Pharaoh tries to cling onto his cheap source of manual labour. Only after numerous plagues and a visit from the Angel of Death kill vast numbers of Egyptians, are Moses and his army of Jews free to leave. In a moment of epic drama, Moses parts the Red Sea, allowing everyone to cross safely and kick starting a lengthy walkabout in the Sinai Wilderness. Despite being God’s chosen leader, Moses isn’t a great public speaker, so his brother Aaron does most of the talking. God likes Moses though, and hands him two pieces of stone with the Ten Commandments written on them. Moses meets God regularly in a tent, a vibe that makes his face glow so brightly he has to wear a veil, and he is given the job of getting all the grumbling Israelites to work together as one nation with God in charge. Moses has more of a kindly grandpa vibe than a Jedi Warrior vibe and often saves the Israelites’ bacon, especially when they decide to worship statues of animals instead of God. Despite not reaching the Promised Land himself, Moses dies knowing he’s done a good job and the leader’s whistle is passed on to Joshua.
General vibe of Moses: The Chosen One.

Factvibe: Moses was born in Egypt making him one of the few Bible heroes who is African.
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