The Vibe of Nahum

The vibes which Nahum launches at the mighty Assyrian city of Nineveh can be measured in megatons. God is about to launch a terror attack that makes Noah’s
Flood look compassionate. Nineveh is going to be paid back for attacking Israel less than a century earlier and God’s rage is raising itself up like an apocalyptic Tsunami about to dump on the city, wiping it off the face of the planet. Breasts will be beaten, limbs will writhe and Nineveh will be stained with blood.  The vibe is gloating and triumphant – there is no escape and no redemption. Nineveh is going down and all who hear of the city’s fate ‘will clap their hands in joy’. Nahum is not wrong. The Babylonians overrun Nineveh in 612BC and destroy it completely. A powerful, blood filled, awesome, brutal, mighty, vengeful vibe and an air punch for all who like seeing God’s justice in action.

General vibe of Nahum: The mighty fall harder.

Factvibe: The Assyrians were almost unbelievably cruel and not averse to skinning their enemies alive, hence the vitriol of Nahum’s vibe.
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