The Vibe of Nehemiah

Nehemiah has the same kind of upbeat building vibe as Ezra. The Temple has been rebuilt in Jerusalem and the Jews have put their pagan intermarriage vibes behind them. Nehemiah himself is still in exile in Babylon where he has the important job of testing King Artaxerxes’ food to check it hasn’t been poisoned. The good news is that the king lets him head back to Jerusalem with some heavy construction equipment to rebuild the city walls. There are trouble makers who get in the way of the good work but the wall gets built, double quick. It is a positive new start for the Jews: many were dragged off into exile and only a small number are returning but they go back determined to stick to the heavenly rule book. High fives and good vibes all round.

General vibe of Nehemiah: We can do it.
Factvibe: Despite the detailed vibes telling us of the rebuilding work, many of the locations along Nehemiah’s wall can no longer be found.
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