The Vibe of Noah

The story of Noah is very much bad vibes meet good vibes in a boat. The bad vibes are that people have been getting on with their own thing and leaving God out of the picture. God gets his blackest vibe on and decides to teach them a lesson they won’t forget and sends a flood to end all floods to wipe out every living thing on Earth. The first faint glimmer of a good vibe appears when God realises that Noah and his family are actually OK and he tips them off about the impending wet weather. Noah builds the mother of all boats, fills it with beasts and birds and as the rest of humanity swims for it, drifts off in his giant floating zoo. Forty days later, the rain has stopped, the vibe is up, Noah and his family park the boat and life on Earth begins again.
General vibe of Noah: Good things happen to good people.

Factvibe: The ark was twice as long as a tea clipper but only half as long as an ocean liner, or in other words, 450 ft (137m).
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