The Vibe of Numbers

Numbers has a petulant, crybaby vibe to it. The Israelites are two years into their odyssey in the Sinai wilderness and have become a bunch of moaning minnies. In an age before GPS, the relatively short 250 mile journey from the Nile Delta to the Promised Land of Canaan should have taken less than two years. Still, the Israelites are an unruly bunch and their squabbling slows things up a bit. There is major grumbling in the camp and a serious apathy vibe stops anything getting resolved. Moses sends spies out into the land that God promised to Abraham but when news comes back that the place is filled with scary giants everyone forgets that God is all powerful and gets cold feet. In fact the scaredy cat vibe is so strong that the people ask if they can go back and be slaves in Egypt again. God wants to point the finger of death at huge sections of the camp for their tiresomeness but Aaron, speaking on behalf of his tongue tied brother, Moses steps in and the people are saved. However, God decides they have to stay put until every Jew who left Egypt has died which adds another thirty eight years to their journey. During this delay, battles against hostile kingdoms are won and eventually everyone is ready to enter into the Promised Land. By now, Moses is pretty ancient and God chooses Joshua to replace him and lead the rebellious and ungrateful rabble into their new home.
General vibe of Numbers: Grumbling only slows you down.
Factvibe: The name Numbers comes from the two occasions in the book where all the men who are fit enough to fight are counted.
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