The Vibe of Obadiah

Obadiah has an ‘old scores’ vibe. There’s no love lost between the neighbouring nations of Israel and Edom, so when the Edomites join in the bun fight when Jerusalem is razed to the ground by the Babylonians, Obadiah aims some righteously angry vibes their way. He rages to the Edomites that they looted and plundered at their peril. Edom is built on an almost impregnable rock and must feel invincible, yet Obadiah’s vibe is that not one of them will survive when the Day of the Lord comes. He’s not wrong, the Day of the Lord comes early for Edom and the nation disappears from the map in around 667BC.

General vibe of Obadiah: Pride comes before a fall.

Factvibe: According to Jewish tradition, Obadiah was rich and helped feed other poorer prophets.
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