The Vibe of Paul

Paul is a baddie turned good. After racking up what ought to have been a lifetime of bad vibes by hunting down the first Christians for his Roman overlords, Paul is stopped in his tracks by a vision of Jesus which strikes him blind. Fortunately his disability is only temporary and once he has recovered, God sends him on the mother of all missions. Despite being paid by Rome to shut down Christianity, he jumps ship emphatically and travels far afield within the Roman Empire, telling Jews, Gentiles and anyone else who will listen about how good Jesus is. As Paul travels he sets up the first churches and writes letters to these churches with vibes ranging from anger and frustration to joy and encouragement. Paul often meets with hostile, even violent vibes and is banged up in a Roman jail as a result of his preaching. Still, he is determined that true Christianity should shine through and not get corrupted or amended by any new teaching. He keeps writing and preaching to the end of his life which is a grisly one – he is executed by the Roman Emperor Nero who has no time for Christians. Paul’s vibe dominates the New Testament – he lays down the blueprint that most Christian churches now follow and it’s hard to imagine there being a Church at all had it not been for Paul.

General vibe of Paul: Tell everyone.
Factvibe: Before getting zapped by a vision of Jesus on his way to Damascus, Paul was a tent maker.
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