The Vibe of Persia

Persia has a 'there when you need it' vibe. A superpower that spans three continents, Persia makes its Bible debut with Darius the Mede whose military success means that the Babylonian Empire becomes Persian. Filled with the refreshing vibes of religious tolerance, Darius’ son Cyrus allows the captive Jews to return to Israel and rebuild their Temple. An all round good egg, Cyrus also lets them take their treasures with them. Daniel thrives under Cyrus and his godly vibes possibly influence the king in his decision to let the Jews go home. It's not all roses in Persia though, Esther has a close shave when King Xerxes is tricked into ordering the killing of all Jews still living in his kingdom. Fortunately the plucky queen intervenes, the Jews are saved and the vibe remains high for the Persians until they take a beating from Alexander the Great in 334BC and disappear off into history with their tails between their legs.

General vibe of Persia: The not so evil empire.

Factvibe: At its height, the Persian Empire’s vibe extended from Egypt as far as India.
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