The Vibe of Peter

Peter starts out as Simon the fisherman and has a blue collar, working class, vibe about him. After Jesus helps him land a monster catch of fish, he drops what he is doing to become the first of the twelve followers who will become known as the Disciples. Simon is the first Disciple to believe that Jesus is the son of God and Jesus rewards his insight by calling him Peter, which roughly translates as ‘rock’. Despite following Jesus everywhere and being present when his leader heals the sick and raises the dead to life, the rock has some decidedly wobbly moments. After seeing Jesus walking on the surface of the Sea of Galilee, he has a go himself before the human vibe takes over and he has to be rescued by Jesus. Peter refuses to believe his leader is going to die and while Jesus is being questioned by the Jewish top brass, he denies even knowing him. A miserable, self loathing low point. After Jesus comes back from the dead though, Peter’s vibe changes. Jesus tells Peter to look after his people and Peter and the others roll their sleeves up and get stuck in, spreading the message of God’s love and forgiveness to anyone who will listen. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, they are able to speak numerous foreign languages and heal people too. Peter kick starts the campaign with a pretty beefy open air sermon in Jerusalem before setting up some of the first churches with the help of Paul. While on his travels, he has a vision of food that is forbidden to Jews but which God tells him is now back on the menu. Later on, Peter is imprisoned, survives an earthquake and performs miraculous healings. To round things off, he writes a couple of letters warning followers of Jesus to stick to the text and not embellish it and he probably dies a horrible death at the hands of Emperor Nero in around 60AD. An honest, human, workmanlike vibe.

General vibe of Peter: Jesus' right hand man.
Factvibe: Peter was also the first Pope.
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