The Vibe of Philippians

Philippians has a lovely, warm, everything’s going to be OK vibe. It’s quite personal too – Paul is under house arrest in Rome and is grateful that the church in Philippi has sent him food and other goodies. He is happy even though he is a prisoner – if he lives, he has the spirit of Jesus in him, if he dies he will be with Jesus – a ‘can’t lose’ vibe that fills the letter with joy. He encourages the Philippians to stand strong and to look after one another and the vibe is only spoiled by some holier than thou Jewish converts who are telling everyone they need to keep the Jewish laws in order to be a true Christian. Paul stamps a righteous foot at them and tells us it’s better to have faith and put our trust in Jesus than to follow the Jewish law books. There is an urgent call to Christians to shine like stars and set a good example to others. Paul wags a finger at people who are preoccupied with worldly vibes, not spiritual ones and we are reminded to keep our eye on the prize that is a place in Heaven. Our heads should be full of the vibes of truth, nobility, rightness, purity, peace, honour and loveliness. An idealistic, hopeful, hippie without the bong vibe.

General vibe of Philippians: Joy.

Factvibe: Philippi was the first church in Europe, set up by Paul in around 50AD.
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