The Vibe of Pontius Pilate

Pilate has a 'nothing to do with me' vibe. He gives the impression of a man with better things to do and the trial of Jesus is just interfering with his day. Pilate has been put in Jerusalem by his Roman bosses and he really just wants to keep the peace. The locals are an unruly bunch and the last thing Pilate wants is for the vibe to boil over. Still, he can't see what the fuss is over Jesus as he hasn't broken any laws in the Roman rule book. Despite Mrs Pilate having a dream in which bad things happen to them if they let Jesus be killed, he shunts Jesus on to King Herod in the hope that the Jews will deal with their own people. When Herod passes the buck back, Pilate is left with a tricky decision, to have Jesus executed or to let him live and face some ugly vibes from the mob who are seriously riled about the things the self proclaimed 'King of the Jews' has been saying. In the end, Pilate famously washes his hands of the situation which is ironic: instead of history forgetting his bad day, he has become an immortal part of the most famous story ever told. Possibly to appease the crowd, he arranges for Jesus to be executed in full Roman fashion, nailed to a cross on a prominent hill on the outskirts of the city.

General vibe of Pontius Pilate: It wasn't my idea.

Factvibe: Despite coming across as quite reasonable in the Bible, other accounts describe Pilate’s vibe as ‘spiteful, violent and wrathful.’
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