The Vibe of the Proverbs

Proverbs has such a school vibe you expect it to wear a satchel and bring an apple for teacher. Written mainly by King Solomon, these nuggets of wisdom are aimed generally at youngsters and the grown ups who have to bring them into line. The parenting vibe might be seen by some as being a tad old fashioned but there are still some gems in there. It’s not just a book for parents, there are wisdom vibes for everyone and as it’s not written in any order, anyone can come along and dig in. Vibes include obeying God, thinking before you speak, keeping your libido in check, working hard, staying sober, being just and honest, being business savvy, being a good friend, an obedient child, a firm parent and a capable wife. A something for everyone vibe.

General vibe of Proverbs: Wise up.
Factvibe: Solomon married a Pharaoh’s daughter and borrowed a few vibes from the Egyptian thinker, Amenemope.
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