The Vibe of the Psalms

Given that the Psalms are songs, it’s not surprising that there is a singing and dancing vibe all the way through. It’s not much of a pop vibe – more Gospel. In fact, the Psalms were the hymn book for the Old Testament. No one can remember the tunes, which is a shame, and the rhymes get a bit lost in translation but the vibe is that these are generally songs about God and how good he is. A lot of the psalms are written by David when he is on the run from the homicidal vibe of King Saul. Some of the psalms are upbeat, some are downbeat, there are happy psalms, sad psalms and in between psalms and the general vibe is that God is powerful, just, faithful and loving. And worth singing about.

General vibe of Psalms: Sing when you’re winning (or losing).
Factvibe: The Book of Psalms is the longest book in the Bible.
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