The Vibe of Romans

Romans has the vibe of a mission statement. ‘Jesus has spoken, now what?’ It’s a letter written by Paul to the Christians in Rome. These people aren’t Jews so they haven’t got a huge amount of background about God, and Paul is explaining the Christian vibe to them.  Paul believes that Jesus is for everyone, as long as they have faith – if we believe Jesus died and came back to life because of all the bad things we’ve done, we get on the right side of God. Being on the right side of God brings with it all kinds of positive vibes not least of which is that believers are more peaceful. That’s because they have been forgiven their unsavoury pasts and have been assured that they’ll be with God forever. Romans also has a ‘this isn’t good enough’ vibe – Paul is cross that in general, the Gentiles are more open to Jesus than the Jews. By rights, the Jews should know better seeing as they’ve had the benefit of hundreds of years of Old Testament prophets telling them Jesus will come and make everything right for them. The vibe then turns to some basic housekeeping tips for the early church - love everyone, respect authority, don’t judge each other and help the weak. A practical, straight down the line, ‘this is how it’s done’ vibe.

General vibe of Romans: How to be a Christian.
Factvibe: Despite living in a male dominated culture, one third of the 21 Christians who Paul greets in his letter to the Romans are women.
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