The Vibe of Ruth

Ruth has a lovely, warm, cup of cocoa at bedtime vibe to it. Almost a Disney vibe. If the vibe of Ruth could walk up to you in the street it would give you a cuddle. Ruth’s husband was a migrant worker from Israel but he is dead. Her husband’s mum, Naomi is about to go back to Israel because there’s been a bumper grain harvest and that means there will be work. Instead of taking the easy vibe, staying put in her own country and trying to remarry, Ruth tags along with Naomi to Bethlehem. Her kind deed is rewarded with the kind of happy ever after vibe usually reserved for Hollywood movies when the man who owns the fields where they find work not only protects her from the amorous advances of her co-workers but takes her as his wife. Ruth and her new man have a son whose grandson is none other than King David, direct blood ancestor of Joseph, Earth father of Jesus Christ. A heart warming, chicken soup for the soul vibe.

General vibe of Ruth: Be nice and good things will come your way.

 Factvibe: Ruth’s vibe didn’t get off to a good start - she was descended from Moab who was the son of Lot by incest with his daughter.
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