The books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles are just one long Vibus historias which, as the Latin buffs among you will know, is a pretty heavy history vibe. Samuel is the last of the judges to lead Israel but there is a restless vibe among the people - they don’t want any more judges, they want a king. God goes along with the vibe and Samuel sees a lad looking for some lost donkeys and makes him King of Israel. This turns out to be a bit of a bad call and King Saul turns out to be mentally unhinged. A young shepherd called David is drafted in to play the lyre for the King and, to everyone’s surprise, the boy steps up to give a gigantic enemy warrior called Goliath  a good walloping. David becomes a military commander and Saul becomes so jealous of him he tries to kill him. David actually has to run away from the royal court and hide in caves as his psychotic king hunts him down. After Saul commits hari kiri when he loses a battle, David becomes king of Israel and gets his groove on with the wife of one his soldiers. This is a mucky episode and no one comes out looking shiny. David’s son decides he wants to be king and the vibe of rebellion is so strong that David has to go back on the run. Happily, all ends well with David back at the wheel. An ‘Ooh, that was a bit of a roller coaster, can we get off now?’ vibe.

General vibe of Samuel: Kings aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

 Factvibe: Saul’s vibe is the Bible’s only clear cut case of bipolar disorder.
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