The Vibe of Sodom and Gomorrah

Due to the miscreant behavior of its inhabitants, God wants to remove the city of Sodom from the face of the earth. However, after some persistent pleading from Abraham, he agrees to spare the place if Abraham can find him ten good men. Sadly, there is only one good man, Lot, and even he’s a bit iffy by today’s standards. After two manly angels come to spend the night with Lot, the men of the town arrive en masse at his house and demand to have a sexy time with them. Being a good host and wanting to protect his guests, Lot refuses but offers the mob his virgin daughters instead. Unimpressed with the offer of ladysex, the men persist and the vibe gets ugly. Just in time, Lot is dragged indoors by his guests who tell him that they have come to Sodom to destroy it completely as a punishment for all the bad things the people have been getting up to. None of Lot’s relatives take him seriously when he passes on the message and while he is dithering about what to do, the angels grab him, his wife and his daughters and help them flee to safety. Their one piece of advice is not to look back and as our heroes run for cover, burning sulphur rains down from the sky and destroys their city. Sadly, the nosey vibe overcomes Lot’s wife and when she turns around to watch the display, she is turned into a pillar of salt. Curiosity kills not only the cat, it seems.

General vibe of Sodom and Gomorrah: The bad get what they deserve.

Factvibe: The word sodomy comes from the people of Sodom’s ‘alternative’ vibe towards sex.
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