The Vibe of the Song of Solomon

Written by King Solomon whose fondness for a pretty face is legendary, the Song of Songs is late night lady music through and through. There’s a definite ‘Oh my goodness – do they know this in here?’ vibe. The Song of Songs is steamy. The Bible gone fruity. One long love poem between a man and a woman. It’s spring time and the happy couple are almost bursting with passion for each other. Some say the vibe is a metaphor about God’s love for his Church. These people are prudes, there’s nothing to suggest Song of Songs is anything other than a poem about two people who want to get it on. The vibe is hot.

General vibe of the Song of Solomon: Love.
Factvibe: The Song of Songs is one of only two books in the Bible that don’t mention God. The other God-free vibe is Esther.
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