The Vibe of the Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant is very different to Noah’s Ark. This is no boat filled with livestock, instead it is a box made from acacia wood and plated with gold in which are kept the stone tablets that have the Ten Commandments written on them. Also in the Ark is a miraculous stick owned by Moses’ brother, Aaron. Along with members of the other Twelve Tribes, Aaron had been asked to plant his stick in the ground. The tribe whose stick sprouted leaves overnight was to be the only tribe whose people could be priests. Aaron’s stick not only sprouted, it produced ripe almonds, which is entry qualification enough to get into the Ark. For good measure, the Israelites also pop in a jar of manna, the superfood that had sustained them in the desert, before shutting the lid and wrapping it in a veil. The Ark is carried around the Sinai wilderness by priests and kept in a holy tent called a tabernacle until it finds a permanent home in the Temple built by Solomon in Jerusalem. After the Temple is thoroughly ransacked by Babylonians, the Ark is either destroyed or squirreled away by those loyal to the vibe of Israel. Whichever is true, it has never been traced. Cue conspiracy theories, Indiana Jones movies and all manner of late night vibes on the Discovery Channel.

General vibe of the Ark of the Covenant: God in a box.

Factvibe: The priests who carried the Ark around were called Cohanim, which is where the vibe of the Jewish name Cohen comes from.
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