The Vibe of the Beast

The Beast carries a lot of apocalyptic baggage with it. Anyone who has watched the Omen movies will know that the Beast comes from a dark place. And they’re not wrong. There are actually two beasts, one who pops out of the sea and the other who is more land based. The marine Beast represents any powers that are against God and who are fuelled by ‘the evil one’, and who persecute Christians. Which, in first century AD vibes, means the Roman Empire led by the Christian-killing emperor, Nero. The land bound Beast is more of an enforcer to the marine Beast and makes the world worship him. Back in Roman times, people were encouraged to worship the Emperor but today the Beast is anyone who encourages people to worship anything that isn’t God. The Beast has a number – 666. This is because God’s number is seven and man’s number is six, so any number of sixes still falls short of seven. A heavy metal, B-Movie horror vibe with a bit of mathematics thrown in.

General vibe of the Beast: the Antigod.

Factvibe: Seventh Day Adventist Christians believe the Beast is actually the Pope.
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