The Vibe of the Churches

Almost as soon as Paul get’s his teeth into the Christianity vibe he hits the road and starts setting up churches. And almost as soon as the churches are up they start getting things wrong which means Paul has to write letters to them like a stern dad. All the cities where he starts churches have slightly different vibes: Rome is the mothership of the Empire – the rich, glittering ideas and business centre of the world. Corinth is a cosmopolitan seaport with an anything goes vibe. Galatia is at the mercy of Jews who want Christianity to be more Jewish. Ephesus is another major port with a giant temple to the Greek goddess Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world. Philippi is very loyal to Rome, Colossae likes to mix in other philosophies with its Christianity and Thessalonica is full of angry Jews who aren’t happy that people are becoming Christians. The general vibe of the churches is that they all start out with good intentions but they try and mix up the vibes too much, throwing in new ideas and trying to change the original vibe of Jesus. To survive, they need to stick to the script. Still, they don’t have the benefit of the New Testament to tell them how to do it, just an occasional visit from Paul, Peter or others in their team. And some cross letters when they get it wrong.

General vibe of the Churches: If it aint broke…

Factvibe: The first churches didn’t have pews or steeples, everyone just met in each other’s houses.
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