The Vibe of the Cleansing of the Temple

Jesus has just arrived in Jerusalem for the grand finale of his three years of teaching and decides to pop in on the Temple. What he sees makes him foam at the mouth with righteous rage. Part of the Temple has been reserved for people coming from abroad who need to buy a small animal or bird to offer as a sacrifice and the courtyard is filled with market stalls selling livestock. There are also exchange bureaux which let Jews change their Roman coins into shekels so that they can pay the annual two shekel Temple tax. However, Jesus seems to think that the stallholders are trading dishonestly and using the exchange of coins and the selling of animals to make a fast buck. Jesus kicks over tables and lashes out with a whip made from ropes while shouting. Animals scatter, small coins go flying, grown men run for cover and the vibe is as angry as Jesus gets. When questioned about his outburst by the Jewish cartel who run Jerusalem, his vibe is that the Temple is the house of God, he is the son of God and he has the right to clean up his dad’s house if he wants to. It’s a dynamite vibe and Jesus has effectively signed his death warrant as the Jews swear that he will never leave the city alive. A furious, indignant, ‘not in my house’ kind of vibe with history changing results.

General vibe of the Cleansing of the Temple: Jesus, Angry.

Factvibe: Jesus was against injustice, not trade; he was a carpenter and several of his parables involve buying, selling and making sound investments.
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