The Vibe of the Creation

Everything has to start somewhere and this is the basic vibe of the Creation. The Creation is a simple story of how, over a busy seven day period, God makes something out of nothing. A complete rabbit out of the hat vibe. Before the show begins, there is an infinite expanse of what can only really be called ‘vibe’. God’s creation checklist runs in this order: the universe, Planet Earth, light, sea and sky, dry land, vegetation, day and night, the sun, moon and stars, fish and birds, animals  and, finally, people. The vibe is a positive one – God is pleased with everything he has made, life on Earth gets the green light and God takes a well deserved day off.

General vibe of the Creation: Made by God.

Factvibe: The vibe ‘Go forth and multiply’ comes from the Creation story.
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