The Vibe of the Crucifixion

The crucifixion of Jesus is where the vibe of the New Testament is at its darkest. Everyone’s hopes deflate as the person they believe is the Messiah is nailed to a cross in between two robbers. The vibe begins to go wrong when Judas gives the authorities the nod in exchange for some silver and Jesus is arrested. Despite not being wholly with the vibe himself, Jesus goes along with it as he knows it’s what God wants – he is the final sacrifice that wipes the slate clean for people forever. The Jews have had a problem with Jesus ever since he began teaching and the final straw is when he calls himself their king. Pontius Pilate, the local Roman who runs Jerusalem has no problem with Jesus and passes him over to the official King of the Jews, Herod. Herod pokes ridicule at Jesus before packing him off back to Pilate whose thugs give Jesus a good bashing, dress him up in robes and force a crown made of thorns on his head. In the end, Pilate hands Jesus over to be killed as the crowd is restless and he needs to keep the peace. The crucifixion is a public affair and Jesus is nailed to a cross in front of a mainly hostile crowd, though a few of his supporters are there too. Jesus dies relatively quickly and as he does, there is an earthquake and it gets dark in the middle of the day. The vibe is terrible – the sense of loss and ‘it’s over’ coupled with a vibe of utter disbelief among the followers of Jesus make it all the more gloomy. Triumph for the Jews, business as usual for the Romans and complete despair for the first Christians.

General vibe of the Crucifixion: Jesus died to make things better for us.
Factvibe: Victims of crucifixion usually died from suffocation.
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