The Vibe of the Devil

The Devil is one hundred per cent bad vibe. There are no good vibes where the Devil is concerned. He likes spoiling all that is good and beautiful. He is the Antigod. What God creates, the Devil likes destroying, like the kid who used to knock down the tower of blocks you made when you were tiny. Also known as Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub, the Devil likes tempting us and promising us that it will all be alright in the end, and that God doesn’t mind. In the Bible, the Devil starts work early, showing up in the Garden of Eden as a snake and putting words in Eve’s head. It’s an unpleasant business which ends with her and Adam being forced out of Paradise into the much less pleasant real world. The Devil’s next appearance is to play mind games with Job but happily Job’s vibe is strong and he eventually gets the Devil off his back. Later, the Devil tries to tempt Jesus with all kinds of promises but Jesus sends him packing too.  Finally he persuades Judas to shop Jesus to the authorities in exchange for cash. A win, but a grubby one. The Devil is one to keep an eye on and he’s always ready to spoil things and mess up the good stuff that God has created. Latterly, he has had a reputation of having all the best music and regularly trades guitar skills for the souls of bluesmen at Mississippi crossroads. This is not something to be encouraged. The Devil is all bad.

General vibe of the Devil: Evil.

Factvibe: The first vibes of the devil as a horned, cloven hoofed, goat-like creature appear in twelfth century.
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