The Vibe of the Disciples

The Disciples are twelve ordinary working blokes who come across Jesus during the early days of his teaching. They’re a mixed bunch of fishermen, manual workers and the odd professional and also answer to the name ‘Apostles’. They never quite get the vibe of Jesus even though they hang out with him for three years. They shoo children away, turn back the sick and throw constant vibes of doubt at their leader. When the crunch comes, they pretty much fall apart. Judas actually shops Jesus to the authorities, the rest of the Disciples fall asleep while Jesus is on trial, Peter denies ever knowing him and when Jesus comes back from the dead as promised, Thomas point blank refuses to believe it. However, the vibe gets a bit more together once Jesus is dead – after he reappears, Jesus opens the Disciples’ minds to the meaning of all the Old Testament prophesies. From now on, they work more as a team: Matthew and John write their Gospels and Peter and James write letters and start organising the first churches. The Disciples start out as a bunch of nobodies but, thanks to the vibes gleaned from spending so much time in close contact with Jesus, they end their days as heroes. Apart from Judas, but eleven out of twelve isn’t bad. A majority of winning vibes.

General vibe of the Disciples: Team Jesus.
Factvibe: Three of the Disciples have such a weak vibe they only get a name check in the Bible. The forgotten three are Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot and James the Younger.
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