The Vibe of the Gentiles

The Gentiles have a pretty un-Jewish vibe, probably because they aren’t Jews. The New Testament splits people into two camps - the Jews who should really believe that Jesus is the son of God but who often don't, and the Gentiles who have no reason to believe that Jesus is the son of God yet sometimes do. Paul gets pretty shirty as it is the Gentiles who seem more open to believing the Jesus story than the Jews who've supposedly been waiting for this moment all their lives. The Gentiles referred to in the New Testament generally hang out in Greece, Rome and Turkey and their willingness to be part of Team Jesus shows that they are open to fresh ideas as long as those ideas make sense. In fact, without the Gentiles, there probably would be no Christianity. Powerful, open minded, suck it and see vibes.

General vibe of the Gentiles: They're not Jews.

Factvibe: Despite being a direct ancestor of Jesus, Ruth was a Gentile.
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