The Gospel Vibes

There is a somewhat repetitious vibe to the Gospels. Much of what is in one is also in the others. The Gospels all tell the story of Jesus and the basic vibe is that God has sent him into the world to clean things up. His message of love, hope, justice, peace and equality is well received by some – particularly the poor and downtrodden - but it goes down less well with the Jewish authorities who see everything they believe in being at risk. Things come to a head in Jerusalem where Jesus is tried, found guilty of blasphemy and executed. Three days later he surprises everyone by walking around and visiting his friends and followers. After a few weeks, he leaves some last minute instructions before disappearing into Heaven. The general vibe of the Gospels may be the same but there are subtle differences. Matthew’s has a more Jewish vibe, Mark’s is short and to the point, Luke’s is more matter of fact and John’s is more emotional. Some events are only mentioned in one Gospel, others are mentioned in all four. And even though they appear at the beginning of the New Testament, they were some of the last of the vibes to be written. Between them, though, they create a pretty good vibe of what Jesus was about, who he was and why God sent him. So here friends, in a few flimsy pages are the vibes of the most famous man who ever lived.
The Vibe of Matthew
The Vibe of Mark
The Vibe of Luke
The Vibe of John
The Vibe of Jesus
The Vibe of the Nativity
The Vibe of Mary
The Vibe of Joseph
The Vibe of Bethlehem
The Vibe of John the Baptist
The Vibe of the Temptation
The Vibe of the Miracles
The Vibe of the Disciples
The Vibe of Peter
The Vibe of the Parables
The Vibe of the Good Samaritan
The Vibe of the Prodigal Son
The Vibe of the Sermon on the Mount
The Vibe of the Lord's Prayer
The Vibe of the Feeding of the Five Thousand
The Vibe of the Transfiguration
The Vibe of Zacchaeus
The Vibe of Mary Magdalene
The Vibe of the Triumphal Entry
The Vibe of the Cleansing of the Temple
The Vibe of Judas
The Vibe of King Herod
The Vibe of Pontius Pilate
The Vibe of Rome
The Vibe of the Crucifixion
The Vibe of the Resurrection
The Vibe of Thomas
The Vibe of the Great Commission
The Vibe of John 3:16