The Vibe of the Great Commission

The Great Commission is Jesus’ final briefing to his Disciples before he vanishes into Heaven. The basic vibe is that they should tell the world everything they have learned as enthusiastically and energetically as they can. Jesus tells his men to go out and baptize all the nations, not just the Jews, and reassures them that he will be with them until the end of time. There is a win/lose scenario that comes hand in hand with the Great Commission – those who believe will be rescued by God while those who don’t will be turned away by the Heavenly bouncers. This has led to zealous missionaries braving oceans, deserts and jungles to spread the word so that everyone has a chance to decide which option best suits them. Without the Great Commission – and the tireless work of Christians who have taken the brief and run with it - much of the world would still be in the dark about Jesus. And despite some unsavoury moments, such as the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and the brutal colonization of the Americas, it’s a vibe that has run and run.

General vibe of the Great Commission: Tell everyone.

Factvibe: St Francis of Assisi advised people to tell everyone they could about Jesus – and to use words only if they had to.
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