The Vibe of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is one hundred per cent vibe. It is the spirit of God which sticks around on Earth like a cosmic shadow when Jesus vanishes into Heaven. It lives inside people who believe in God and, if used properly, helps them make decisions that don't result in them (or others) getting into a pickle. Along with the father son team of God and Jesus, the Holy Spirit forms a three part vibe called the Trinity and is often referred to by Christians as ‘He’ rather than it. The Holy Spirit arrives dramatically with the rushing of wind and tongues of fire when the Disciples are meeting to celebrate the Jewish feast of Pentecost. Despite most of them being uneducated country boys, the Holy Spirit allows the Disciples to babble in foreign languages. This impresses onlookers hugely, to the point where many of them sign up to the Jesus vibe on the spot. When the Jewish leaders threaten to shut down the early Church, the Holy Spirit gives Peter and the others the boldness and encouragement to carry on regardless and the vibe is in full attendance when the first Gentiles are converted. The vibe is that the Holy Spirit was present when the world began and continues as God’s divine representative on Earth, giving people the power to show the vibes of Jesus through their words and the things they do. A powerful, enabling, godly vibe.

General vibe of the Holy Spirit: May the force be with you.

Factvibe: After the Holy Spirit’s impressive debut at Pentecost, the Church added 3000 new converts.
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