The Vibe of the Jews

The Jews, formerly known as the Israelites, the Twelve Tribes and the Hebrews are the descendents of the twelve sons of Jacob. The vibe is that they are God's chosen ones and, using the Ten Commandments and various prophets, God shows them how to live properly. After famine hits Israel, Jacob and his sons head for Egypt and within four generations there are so many Jews that the Pharaoh parks their civil liberties and makes them slaves. After a series of plagues turn the vibe in Egypt black, Pharaoh lets the Israelites go and, under the reluctant guidance of Moses, they spend the next forty years grumbling around the deserts of Sinai. Finally, Joshua takes them into the Promised Land of Canaan where they establish Jerusalem, build a Temple and, under Kings David and Solomon, enjoy a golden age. They then lose their way completely, find other gods to worship, split their country in two and ultimately suffer the indignity of being carted back into slavery, this time by the superpower of the day, Babylon. Once the Persians have given the Babylonians a good kicking, the Israelites are allowed to slope back to Judah and rebuild their Temple. A few hundred years later, the Jews become citizens of Rome and it is around about this time that Jesus is born. The vibes he teaches divide the Jews like never before and, insulted by his claims that he is the 'Son of God' the Jews push for his execution. No sooner than this happens, he comes back from the dead and many Jews decide that he is actually the Messiah who the prophets promised would one day rule Israel. These Jews turn their backs on many of the vibes that the rest of the Jews hold dear - such as circumcision, eating pork and working on Saturdays - and become known as Christians. An adventure but not one you’d pay to go on.

General vibe of the Jews: The Chosen People.

Factvibe: Jew simply means someone from Judea.
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