The Vibe of the Lord's Prayer

This is a short, ten line petition to God which Jesus dictates during his Sermon on the Mount. It begins with a family vibe – God is not referred to as the maker, or Creator, or even God, he is ‘Our Father’. To avoid any confusion with other fathers, he is ‘Our Father in Heaven.’ The father’s name is to be ‘hallowed’, or made holy, and the arrival of his kingdom is asked for. Or in other words, the new world order where everyone lives according to the vibe of Jesus. The prayer asks that whatever God wants to happen should happen, as that’s how it rolls in Heaven. The vibe then steps down from the heavens and asks God to provide ‘our daily bread’. This doesn’t just mean white sliced or wholemeal, the bread represents the basics that we need to survive. Next, the spotlight falls on our relationships with God and with others – the prayer asks for our wrongdoings to be forgiven by God and suggests that we will have already forgiven everyone who has done unpleasant things to us. Finally, we need to ask for safekeeping – we need protection from any vibe that tempts us into doing things that harm ourselves and others, and we need especial protection from the Devil who is always ready to jump on our backs. All in all, it’s a brief wish list for short-of-time believers to use to keep their connection with God active, and to keep their lives in order.

General vibe of the Lord's Prayer: Pray like this.

Factvibe: In 1915, jeweller Geoffrey Lundberg engraved the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a gold pin measuring just 0.047inches in diameter.
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