The Vibe of the Miracles

There’s no way around it, the miracles are the ‘whoa what just happened?’ moments where everyone’s looking around for hidden cameras and other trickery. But with Jesus the vibe is real. He uses miracles to show people that he is who he says he is. If that means turning water into wine at a wedding, making a crazy man sane or bringing a dead child back to life, he’ll do it. People are amazed at seeing the supernatural at work and it makes it easier for them to believe in God. It’s also easier for them to have faith when they’ve seen a man turn five loaves and two fishes into a meal for a large crowd or a crippled man walk again. The miracles also give Jesus a superstar vibe – wherever he goes he is surrounded by crowds of thousands who want to get a glimpse of his miracles in action. And they’re not disappointed. The vibe grows until the Jews are convinced that Jesus is the great Messiah who will defeat their Roman overlords – one miracle Jesus doesn’t get involved with. Instead his final ‘whoa!’ comes three days after his death when he comes back to life and leaves his spirit to take care of business here on Earth. He passes on the miracle vibe to his Disciples who carry on creating a stir by healing the sick. Vibes of power.

General vibe of the Miracles: Did he just do that?

Factvibe: Jesus wasn’t the Bible’s only miracle worker; Moses, Elijah and Elisha all stun the crowds with some ‘surely that’s impossible?’ moments of their own.
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