The Vibe of the Nativity

The Nativity has a festive vibe to it, probably because it happens at Christmas. An angel appears to Mary and tells her that she has been chosen to give birth to the Messiah whose birth the Jews have been looking forward to for thousands of years. It’s an unexpected vibe for the girl as she isn’t married but the angel reassures her that the details will be taken care of by the Holy Spirit and so, without any involvement of her fiancé, a carpenter called Joseph, Mary finds herself in the family way. After an arduous journey to Bethlehem to fill in a census, the young couple find the place is booked up and the only space they can find is a stable where their baby is born. The vibe is pretty unglamourous but the promise of good things to come arrives when three wise men from the east show up with exotic gifts fit for a king. They make the mistake of stopping off at Herod’s palace first, assuming the king would be born there, but Herod is overcome with jealousy: there can be only one king, and that king is Herod. Meanwhile, some angels appear to a bunch of shepherds on the hills outside Bethlehem and they come to the stable to see the baby. Herod wastes no time and orders the death of all baby boys but God warns Joseph about this in a dream. The family escape to Egypt on the same donkey that brought them to Bethlehem and the vibe is stealthy and a bit precarious but high nonetheless.

General vibe of the Nativity: Peace on Earth, good will to all men.
Factvibe: The Nativity probably wasn’t in December. Given that there were sheep in the fields, the vibe points more towards October.
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