The Vibe of the New Testament

The New Testament, or ‘the Bible, Part Two’, can be easily split into two vibes – the ‘What Jesus did’ vibe and the ‘What this all means’ vibe. The vibe is actually quite simple. The Old Testament provides the run up and Jesus is the jump. After the landing there’s lots of high fiving about how good the jump was. But enough of the jumping vibe, the New Testament is the bit where Christianity comes in. This is where people realise that Jesus was the Messiah – the one sent by God to save the world. The vibes of love are strong – Jesus isn’t just for the Jews, he’s for everyone. The vibe gets pretty low when Jesus is executed by the Romans but it’s soon flying high again when he returns from the dead with a message of hope to everyone who believes he is who he says he is. When he finally disappears, he leaves his spirit behind and this helps his friends and followers to spread his universal vibes of peace and love. A big chunk of the New Testament is taken up by Paul, a convert to Christianity who travels far afield to spread the Jesus vibe to anyone who will listen. He sets up the first churches and the vibe begins to get organised. Lots of energy goes in to making sure the vibe doesn’t get changed or spoiled or reimagined – the vibe is the vibe. By the time the New Testament ends, the vibe is clear – if we love each other and stay true to God we’ll enjoy eternal life in Heaven. Which is good news.
General Vibe of the New Testament: Love everyone
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