The Vibe of the Old Testament

Like football, the Bible is a vibe of two halves. The Old Testament (or the Bible, Part One) has got a pretty Jewish vibe to it. In fact just about everyone in it is Jewish from start to finish. The general vibe is that God creates everything and picks a special team of people – the Jews – who are meant to look after the world. Sadly for God, the people he’s chosen are generally bad eggs and after God turns the goodwill tap off they wind up in Egypt providing forced labour on building sites.  After God gives them a second chance and helps them escape, they spend forty years finding somewhere nice to live and then spoil it all again by giving God the cold shoulder. God picks good men and women to save the day whenever the vibe goes bad but the people decide they want kings instead. The kings are generally bad and do their best to undo the work of the few good kings, and various holy men warn of bad things to come. Bad things do come when Israel splits in two then gets beaten by the Babylonians who whisk everyone off into captivity again.  More holy men tell the people what they need to do to get a second chance and happily for everyone, the people are eventually set free. There’s a big legal vibe at the beginning, a lot of history and some nice poetry in the middle. There’s no plot as such and the general vibe at the end is that Jesus is coming and that everything’s going to be OK.

General Vibe of the Old Testament: Love God
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