The Vibe of the Parables

The Parables are zappy little stories made up on the spur of the moment and delivered with the vibe of great timing by Jesus. Their purpose is to explain a vibe which Jesus describes as ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’. Often they have a moral, such as ‘God never gives up’, or ‘everyone is special to God’. They are one minute crowd pleasers that help Jesus make a point to his Disciples or to the crowds that have gathered. A waster son is welcomed back with open arms, a widow finds a lost coin and throws a party, a hated foreigner helps a wounded man when his own people have passed him by. The vibe is simple and clear – God loves everyone, he is especially nice to those who love him back, he respects wisdom and his door is always open. The flipside is that if people have better things to do than love God, they won’t be able to join the party. Sharp shooting, pithy, creative vibes and lots of them.

General vibe of the Parables: God is a bit like this…

Factvibe: The Parables are the only vibes in the Bible that everyone agrees are fiction.
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