The Vibe of the Promised Land

The Promised Land has a kind of secret garden, end of the rainbow vibe. Promised first to Abraham, then his son Isaac, then Jacob, it must have seemed like the vibe would never came to pass. Only after Pharaoh's vibe towards the Israelites in his own backyard gets somewhat xenophobic does Operation Promised Land get the green light. Forty more years pass before Joshua and the raggle taggle army that make up the Twelve Tribes of Israel stand on the edge of the land God promised them centuries before. The local Canaanites put up a struggle and have to be subdued by vibes of war but eventually the Israelites settle down and began farming. Sadly, they forget to keep loyal to the God who gave them the land in the first place and as punishment, the Promised Land is carved up and large chunks were given to Israel's enemies. A finger wagging  'that'll teach you' vibe.

General vibe of the Promised Land: Home!

Factvibe: Today, the land once promised to the Israelites can be found in Israel, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon and parts of Western Syria.
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