The Prophesy Vibes

The singing vibe is over and it’s time for some meat and veg. This is where the prophets come in. These are the Old Testament doom merchants and the vibe that follows them around is heavy and not at all light hearted. They start preaching in a vain attempt to prevent Israel’s headlong rush into self destruction and suggest the people adopt a vibe of repentance. This doesn’t work and the Israelites are carried off into captivity by cheering Babylonians. Still, the prophets don’t give up and begin to offer a more comforting vibe, assuring the people that God still loves them. The prophets aren’t the most popular kids in school as most of what comes out of their mouths makes them sound like party poopers. They often get called up at the last minute when there’s almost no time to avoid annihilation and for some of them it is a one way ticket. But history proves them right, especially the ones that mention Jesus who is born 400 years after the last raging prophet takes off his sandals for the very last time. Here, then, are the vibes of the Prophets.
The Vibe of Isaiah
The Vibe of Babylon
The Vibe of Persia
The Vibe of Jeremiah
 The Vibe of Lamentations
The Vibe of Ezekiel
The Vibe of the Valley of the Dry Bones
The Vibe of Daniel
The Vibe of Hosea
The Vibe of Joel
The Vibe of Amos
The Vibe of Obadiah
The Vibe of Jonah
The Vibe of Micah
The Vibe of Nahum
The Vibe of Habakkuk
The Vibe of Zephaniah
The Vibe of Haggai
The Vibe of Zechariah
The Vibe of Malachi