The Vibe of the Red Sea Crossing

Vibes of epic, widescreen adventure shout ‘action’ on this Old Testament story. The Israelites have been allowed to leave Egypt and have got as far as the shores of the Red Sea. Unfortunately for them, the Egyptian Pharaoh has had second thoughts and comes charging after them with an army of chariots. The Israelites see the enemy closing down on them in their rear view mirrors and are justifiably terrified. Undaunted, and with God directing the show, Moses lifts up his staff, a strong wind separates the waters of the sea and the Israelites walk through to the Sinai peninsula with a wall of water on either side. The Egyptians make a reasonably good fist of chasing the Israelites until the wheels of their chariots get bogged and the water closes back over them, much to everyone else’s joy. A classic goodies beating baddies vibe.

General vibe of the Red Sea Crossing: Don't mess with God's people.

Factvibe: The water of the Gulf of Suez, the most likely point of the Red Sea Crossing, averages 40 feet (12m) deep.

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