The Vibe of the Resurrection

The Resurrection is where the vibe gets completely supernatural and a leap of faith is needed to believe that such things can happen in a world governed by science and natural laws. Jesus has been dead and in a tomb for three days. He has been given a special burial place by a rich supporter and the tomb has been guarded by Roman soldiers to prevent anyone removing the body. The vibe is gloomy and dark and everyone who loved Jesus is moping around feeling sorry for themselves. Then a female follower of Jesus, Mary Magdalene finds the tomb open and empty and, moments later, has an emotional encounter with Jesus. Not a ghostly, waif-like Jesus but a living, breathing, physical Jesus. News spreads fast and soon Jesus appears to the Disciples who are hiding upstairs in a safe house in Jerusalem. The vibe lightens dramatically – bad news has become good. Jesus gives his Disciples the power to heal and opens their minds to the meaning of the Old Testament, explaining how so many of its promises have led to this moment. Jesus singles out Peter to take care of business when he has gone, then vanishes, leaving his spirit behind to look after everyone.

General vibe of the Resurrection: Jesus is who he says he is.
Factvibe: According to the Gospels, Jesus spent nearly six weeks on Earth after coming back from the dead.
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