The Vibe of the Second Coming

The Second Coming, aka the End Times, aka the Day of the Lord, aka the Day of Judgment, aka Doomsday, aka the Rapture, aka the End of Days, aka the Parousia, aka Armageddon brings with it vibes of doom and gloom. Unless of course you’re a Christian in which case it will be a nice day out and a chance to catch up with old friends. This is the day when Jesus comes back to do some final bits of housekeeping. The vibe is simple – life on earth will end. However, everyone who believes in Jesus will be OK. They will go straight to Heaven which, by all accounts is better than Earth. Everyone else will be less fortunate – they will spend eternity without God. No one knows exactly what this will be like but the vibe is that it’s less pleasant than Earth and much less fun than Heaven. Some of the prophets and the writers of the New Testament suggest that there will be wars, earthquakes and other disasters that will signpost the End Times and that one man who embodies all that is evil will be in charge of the world at the time. However, the important vibe is that none of us really know when this is going to happen so it’s best to keep our heads down, do the right thing, love each other and be in a state of general readiness for the big day.            
General vibe of the Second Coming: Everyone out.

Factvibe: Some believe that Jesus will only come back when everyone on Earth has had an opportunity to hear his vibe.
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