The Vibe of the Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount is where Jesus lays down the basic vibes of Christianity. It’s pretty much a church service on a hill attended by a crowd of thousands and a perfect media opportunity to spell out some home truths to the great and the good who have come to listen. It’s an upside down vibe – the weak will be strong, the poor rich and the persecuted will be happy. Christians are to be salt and light to the world and Jesus tells them to stick to the Ten Commandments and adds a few more vibes of his own. Anger is bad, so is lust and we should think twice before divorce. We are told to turn the other cheek if someone hits us, to love our enemies and not to be showy about giving to charity. We should pray privately and quietly and do any fasting in secret, not in public. We should store up treasure in Heaven through the good things we do rather than stockpile cash on Earth. We can’t worship both money and God but God will look after us if we trust him so we shouldn't worry. We shouldn’t judge others and we should treat people how we’d like to be treated ourselves. We should be wary of people who pretend to follow God but who are fakes and we should build our lives on the rock of faith. The vibe is sensational and the impact is huge. Jesus isn’t teaching the law; he is the law, the vibe of which is huge.

General vibe of the Sermon on the Mount: Live like this.

Factvibe: When Jesus tells people to turn the other cheek, he is probably referring to getting whacked in the face by a Roman. Hitting back would lead to death, looking down is too submissive, turning the cheek is defiant.
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