The Vibe of the Temptation

Jesus has just left John the Baptist by the River Jordan and he is getting ready to present God to the world in the way people have never seen God presented. Beforehand, however, he needs time to prepare and disappears into some nearby desert without food for forty days. While he is here, the Devil shows up and, sensing that the lack of food and company might have made Jesus’ resolve weak, decides to tempt him. Firstly he plays on the hunger vibe and suggests Jesus turn stones into bread. Because if he’s God, he can do anything, right? Jesus tells the Devil that we need more than just bread to keep us going. Next the Devil takes Jesus to a high part of the Temple and tells him to jump off because he’s the son of God and the angels will catch him. ‘Don’t test God’ says Jesus and it’s two to God and none to the powers of darkness. Finally the Devil takes Jesus to the top of a mountain and offers him all the real estate he can see. The only catch is that Jesus has to worship the Devil, not God. Jesus knows his Ten Commandments and reminds the Devil of Commandment number one – worship God and only God. Thwarted, the Devil wanders off to find easier victims and the vibe is a triumphant three nil win for Jesus.

General vibe of the Temptation: Good beats evil.

Factvibe: Unsurprisingly, the vibe: ‘Get thee behind me Satan’ comes from the Temptation story.
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