The Vibe of the Ten Commandments

As you would expect from anything with ‘Commandment’ in the title, the Ten Commandments carry a no nonsense, businesslike vibe with them. This is God pretty much spelling out what is acceptable and what is taboo in his world. Out are murder, robbery, adultery, coveting, lying that people committed crimes they didn’t do, worshipping gods that aren’t God, worshipping statues, badmouthing parents and badmouthing God. Keeping the Sabbath special is definitely in, the only thou shalt in a large box of thou shalt nots. It’s all pretty clear and to stress the importance of his Ten Commandments, God writes them in stone which is the Old Testament version of bold, italics, underlined and is about as emphatic a vibe as you can get.
General vibe of the Ten Commandments: These are the rules.

Factvibe: The stone tablets bearing the Ten Commandments that live in the Ark of the Covenant are replacements – Moses smashed the originals in a fit of rage.
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