The Vibe of the Transfiguration

The Transfiguration is a supernatural event which takes place on a mountain in what is now Israel’s Golan Heights. Jesus leads the way, followed by three of his Disciples, Peter, James and John. Once they are up the mountain the vibe gets supercharged as Jesus changes his appearance from itinerant Israeli preacher to something altogether more God-like. He not only becomes so dazzlingly white that he actually radiates light, his terrified Disciples see him chatting with Moses and Elijah. Ever practical, Peter offers to put up tents for the three of them but before he can get his hammer and pegs out, a cloud covers up Jesus and his two other-worldly companions. From inside the cloud, the Disciples hear God announcing that Jesus is his son and that he is pleased with him. The cloud then disappears and Jesus is back to normal and without his Old Testament buddies. As they climb down the hill, he tells the Disciples to keep everything they’ve seen under their hats and that everything will make sense once he’s come back from the dead. This confuses the men even more as they have no idea Jesus is going to die let alone reappear again afterwards. However, once the Resurrection is in the bag, the penny drops and they realise that Jesus really is the Son of God. Some people believe that Jesus meets Moses and Elijah because they represent the law and the Prophets, and because the vibe of Jesus is more important than both.  An epic yet surreal vibe with an ‘Oh! Now I get it’ finale.

General vibe of the Transfiguration: Jesus is God’s son.

Factvibe: The Transfiguration is one of only three events in the New Testament where God's vibe is audible. He also speaks at Jesus’ Baptism and at the moment when Jesus predicts his own death.

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